How to participate

Adele widget 4The Women, Hormones and Back Pain Study is relying on women to volunteer for this very important research. Participation in this study will provide the vital data we need to be conclusive about factors influencing this non-specific back disorder that effects so many women world-wide. All communications and participant details will remain totally confidential.

The study requires healthy women 20 to 40 years of age with no pre-existing back disorder.

We are seeking female volunteers

  1. Who are first time pregnant and within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy
  2. Who have never been pregnant and not using hormonal birth control

What’s involved?

Volunteers are asked to attend four sessions, in which the same tests are repeated each time. We go through a couple of questionnaires on lifestyle and back pain, take a range of simple physical measurements, you perform a back function test and then we take a small sample of blood. Each session will be completed within 45 minutes.

All test sessions are conducted at the School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health at the University of Western Australia, three to five weeks apart. Test sessions can be made available every day of the week, at times to suit you.We will reimburse participants for petrol and parking.

Participants who have completed the study so far have found it enjoyable, interesting and useful – with all expressing gratitude for what they have learnt by being involved. We encourage you to be a part of this important and ground-breaking project!

If you’d like to discuss the project or find out more about participating, email